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Happy early birthday, feywords!


People may laugh when they read this, but I'm actually looking forward to work this week... odd, I know. It's only because I'll be working on something interesting, instead of just fixing things up like I've been doing the couple of months. There may be some small additions that I need to do to get the last fix-up out the door (tossing things into the release), but after that's done I'll be working on putting the design ideas that have been cooking in my head for the last few months into words. That's what I'm looking forward to :-)


Aside from the design mistake pointed out 2 days ago, the new access points have proven themselves to be pretty stable so far. They were a dedicated link from the entertainment center to the rest of the home network these last few days, but after the laptop's connection flaked out again I moved it to point to the new AP to give it a try. If it proves to be more stable over the next few weeks, I'll likely have a couple Linksys access points to get rid of soon. That's not knocking the Linksys hardware... that's saying that it's not as great at dealing with the amount of RF interference in this neighborhood.
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