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I actually got a good bit done today, which was different for an average Saturday (usually days of resting after a week full of work).

I woke up, took a shower, and checked my email. I then set out to take care of some of my normal Saturday errands (grocery store, check PO box, etc.). I also finally used my Home Depot gift card from Christmas and bought a motion-detector light for the front of the house, something I needed to get done for at least a year now. I spent something between 30 and 60 minutes installing that thing, which included tuning the motion detector and replacing the switch (the remote control switch I had in before was a dimmer... wouldn't have worked). I just need to see if it works properly once the sun falls.

After all of that was done, I spent a while cleaning up a bit around this place. In a few places, that was long overdue. I'll probably leave the dishes and laundry until tomorrow, since neither one requires that much effort anyway.

I have an idea in the works for a PDA database and hint decoder application for geocaching. I might spend some time this afternoon working on that. I'll definitely be doing some of that tomorrow.
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