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The joys of a small business owner

Yesterday morning, I received an email from a site that reviews PC software, games in particular, inviting me to submit applications for that. Of course, I'm then left wondering if they actually visited my site before sending the email, because the only PC software that's there is a set of simple file converters for the PDA software that I'm actually selling. I may have PC software for sale someday, but at the moment that's way in the future.


Now for that rant about Symbian Signed, which I've actually changed my mind a little on in the last 24 hours...

Working with Windows Mobile devices, I've so far been able to do everything that I've needed to do without buying a code signing certificate. While it would be better if I did do that, not only are those certificates fairly pricey (especially when you include the fact that you have to pay a few $ for each time that an executable file is signed, as well as the installer package), there was really nothing stopping me from using all of the capabilities on most devices that I needed to use for my software to work.

Currently, I'm looking into Symbian, which with version 9.x of the OS is a different story. Not only is the Location API (a logical need for a geocaching app) locked down in the first flavor of that OS that I'll be working with (S60), but so is the only thing resembling a unique device ID, which hinders my ability to check registration codes. That makes code signing with a purchased certificate, which I can't get as an individual, an absolute necessity. While I could go through third parties to get that done, it would become incredibly expensive over time, much more so than if I had a certificate of my own.

The solution? If all goes well, within a month will become, LLC. Yep, I'm making it official!

That's actually something that I've been thinking about for a while, but kept putting it off as 1) there hasn't been any real need for it before now and 2) I wasn't crazy about the added paperwork, fees, and the extra hassle with moving between states if I had to do that again. I did some research last night, though, and it turns out that it's not as complex as I first thought. Since Smittyware is still a one-man show, I'll just go for the tax pass-through option, which means my income tax filing wont change from what it's been for the past 6 years. Until I do move between states again, the yearly paperwork and fees after it's formed are not much at all.

I filed a name reservation request today, which I'm counting on being pretty easy since I've had the domain name for over 5 years. Once that's confirmed, the next step is filing the Articles of Organization, along with the associated form and fee. Thankfully, that can now be done with a $16 kit instead of paying a lawyer nearly a grand to draft it. Yay for the internet age!

Once that's done, I'll then have what I need for the Symbian code signing certificate. I may get one for Windows Mobile later on as well.

[Update @ 3:15pm]
The name reservation is confirmed. On to the next step!
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