Maeglin (maeglin73) wrote,

Ulterior motives?

The site that I bought the Articles of Organization kit from had credit card and PayPal options in their checkout process. If you select PayPal, they pop up a warning stating that it would take 20 minutes (compared to an instant credit card transaction) and asking if you're sure you want to go that route.

Personally, I think they're just trying to avoid the charge that PayPal takes out of the payee's share of whatever is sent, and they're counting on impatience to make that happen. These are lawyers, after all.

Either way, $16 for the kit definitely beats paying a lawyer $950 to fill in some blanks.


The LLC formation paperwork is now nearly done on my end, save signing the AoO and associated transmittal form. I should be able to get that and the fee check in the mail tomorrow, and if all goes well a new GA LLC will be born in a week or two :-)

Next steps?

- Creation of business cards and letterhead. I've got software and card stock to take care of the former, and I should be able to do the latter with an OpenOffice template. Of course, Photoshop comes in handy for both.

- Obtaining that elusive Symbian Signed Publisher ID. I've been playing with the S60 3.1 phone that I bought for test hardware, gotten a feel for what the UI is like, and now I'm ready to start on things from a programmer's perspective. One initial need for that is a developer code signing certificate, and I need the Publisher ID for that.
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