Maeglin (maeglin73) wrote,

I heart Vonage

I'm looking at probably getting a separate line for business calls, once the company is formed. I could add another virtual number to my main line at home, but there's no distinction between people calling that or the personal numbers. Of course, during what I consider to be the off times, I can just turn off the ringer and let voicemail handle things :-)

I just ran the numbers, and it looks like I'd then be paying Vonage roughly what I used to pay AT&T, still a little less after factoring in tax deductions. Of course, what that buys me differs greatly:

AT&T: 1 line, no voicemail

Vonage: 3 lines (main, fax and business), voicemail w/ email/SMS notification, free LD within the continent, and a virtual number in Charlotte
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