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Month of accomplishments

So far, so good:

- Started the process of turning my side business of 6 years into an official company, mainly by completing my part of the LLC formation paperwork

- Bought initial test hardware (Nokia 6120 Classic) and started doing serious research into future Symbian ports of CacheMate (starting with S60 3rd Edition)

- Paid off the car, and zeroed out the Discover card... again

- Upgraded my point & shoot to a PowerShot G9. I'm still keeping the 20D for a few reasons*, but wanted something that I could more easily carry around, which also had a RAW format that Photoshop could handle (one thing that my old Fuji P&S lacked)

Still waiting on:

- The GA Secretary of State's office to finish its part of the LLC filing (potentially another 2 weeks of waiting, according to a call yesterday)

Next on the list:

- Put the old P&S camera on eBay

- Zero out the Circuit City card (which, fortunately, is generating no interest at the moment) and turn my attention to the smaller part of my split mortgage

- Get a Certificate of Existence for the LLC, after the SoS office is done doing its thing, in order to...

- Get a Symbian Signed code signing certificate, and start making serious use of it


* The main reasons being remote shutter release, interchangeable lenses, and the ability to attach my external flash without looking utterly ridiculous... not to mention being very off-balance and therefore nearly impossible to use.
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