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One good thing this week...

...and that is that I'm driving my own car again!

It seems that the more tech that's put into a car, the easier it is for something small to break and take the rest of the car with it. It's also harder to find the problem, but occasionally the car will give you hints if you know how to ask. In this case, it was a connector to one of the control modules that had gone bad, and when it had its evil moments the car wouldn't start. Now that it's replaced, hopefully the "don't wanna start" episodes will be a thing of the past... at least until I can trade the thing :-)

I don't know if I'd say that the service plan I bought along with the car has paid for itself yet, but it has certainly helped. The latest example is paying one hundred instead of a few of them to fix this problem, but also all of the rentals that it's covered, mostly during the hood alarm switch mystery a couple of years ago.
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