Maeglin (maeglin73) wrote,

Power problems, but not what you think...

...not after the storms last night, anyway.

First off, I'm thankful that (so far) my friends in the area seem to be alright after the tornado(es?) and other madness that blew through last night. There didn't seem to be much around here, by comparison, aside from some thunder, lightning, and rain. Granted, though, there was a lot of all three.

The first problem is one that bjeorn is having a taste of as well... the power supply on my Windows tower machine started having problems a week ago. It hadn't died completely, but when I shut the machine down a couple of the drive lights would flicker and a few seconds later the machine would spontaneously restart. I bought a new one this past week, and replaced it this morning. So far, it seems like that did the trick, and the dying power supply didn't seem to take any of the rest of the system with it. I'm editing some video at the moment, though, and will see if it continues the same behavior after running for a few hours.

The other problem turned up in the upstairs bathroom. The outlet in that room lost power some time over the last week. Everything else on the same circuit seems to be fine, though, so I'm thinking at the moment that it's just the outlet that's gone bad. I'll try replacing that this weekend, but if that doesn't work then I'll have to call in an electrician. Replacing an outlet I can do, but finding and fixing electrical problems behind walls is another thing entirely.
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