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So far, so good

Both power problems have now been resolved. When the outlet still didn't work after replacing it, I was starting to get worried, but then I found out that the reset buttons in some GFCI outlets need a little more force than others.

I'm not sure when, but some time this week I'll be moving to a new cube. It's not that far away, though... only the next isle over. The reason for that is that, after the re-org at the beginning of the year, our group found itself under a new exec, and somehow people thought that that was the time (after our being in the building for a year and a half) to start complaining that we had too many cubes that were being used for storage and otherwise "too much room". Now, all of this guy's underlings are moving into the same area we are and, even though we're pretty well grouped together already, we're being moved somewhere else in our part of the building to somehow reinforce that idea. Hopefully that'll be done before Thursday, when I'm taking the car in for actual scheduled maintenance (as opposed to reacting to a problem).

I'm still waiting on the GA Secretary of State office to process my LLC filing. So far, it's taking them at least a month to do something that should (in their idea of time) take 1-2 weeks at the most. Hopefully, that will be done this week as well.

Speaking of this week... *sigh*... at least it's a short one. One more bit of time off before the wait until Memorial Day weekend and the flight west.
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