Maeglin (maeglin73) wrote,

Broke down and did it...

I've survived without an iPod for this long, but now I've got one ordered and waiting on it to be delivered. There is a reason for this, though...

Radio reception in an office group that specializes in RFID was guaranteed to suffer some, but now that I've been moved closer to the lab that reception is pretty much non-existent. I still need some kind of music in the background, but:

- My current MP3 player runs on regular batteries, with no option for external power. It would go through those batteries like crazy when turned on for 8 hours at a time every weekday.

- While the laptop can play MP3s, I keep it muted for a reason. If I could limit things so that Winamp (and selectively a browser, for the occasional streamed video from meetings at the HQ in Ohio) was the only thing producing sound through its speakers, that would be one thing, but last time I checked that wasn't possible. Headphones are another possibility, but sometimes those are better at getting in the way than anything else.

My choice of model was rather specific. All I need is something that plays music (I've got no need for another portable video player at this time), has a rechargeable battery with a decent usage life that is fairly easy to replace if needed (unlike Apple, I don't consider devices like that to be disposable), and a display (not only for current status, but for searching for specific songs as well). Oh, and something that uses flash memory instead of a hard drive. A 2nd Gen. iPod Nano fits those criteria quite well, and that's what I'm getting... a refurbished 8GB model, specifically.
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