Maeglin (maeglin73) wrote,

So this is why the prices are so high...

I got a call from Verisign this morning concerning an email I dropped them last night about code signing certificates for Windows Mobile smartphones. With the number of offices they have in the US, not to mention having their corporate headquarters here, you'd think that they could save money by calling domestically. Where did the call come from? Cape Town, South Africa.

Car maintenance, etc.

That took less time than I expected, but I think that they left a number of checks out. All that they did was an oil change and tire rotation, but the owner's manual says that there are a number of other things to check at 40,000 miles, and Ford's website agrees with it. The guy did mention something about a 45,000 mile checkup that was a little more involved, so I guess these guys decided to space things out a little more for some reason. Granted, this does make it a little easier for me to build things back up in my checking account after blowing the cushion I had to pay off the car.

Whether or not I have it long enough to do a 45k mile checkup is another matter. I'm looking into the '09 Escape Hybrid at the moment and, depending on when I can get information and put an order in, I may be trading in what I have before that point.

I was looking at the '08 version around the end of last year, but now I'm glad I couldn't get an order in. I wasn't aware of it then, but I can get a discount on Ford vehicles and pay just above what a Ford employee would pay, thanks to the job at NCR. The facts that I have no credit card debt anymore, my credit score is better than ever, and the current car is paid off all help as well.

A quasi-network?

"Earlier this morning the Duluth Plant/Office users experienced a quasi-network outage due to a problem with the building's primary DHCP/DNS server."

I needed a laugh this morning. Thanks, guys!

Last, but certainly not least...

Happy early birthday to sonria and cartooncheryl!
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