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Much better

The iPod arrived yesterday, and I charged and loaded it up last night with most of my collection. It's now half full with 842 songs, 402 of which appear in the rock/alternative playlist that I created for work. If only I didn't need iTunes, which isn't loaded on the work laptop, to tell me how many hours that translates into :-)

So far, I'm loving the following features, compared to my old player:

- Sane shuffle mode (the Sansa would randomly select whenever you went forward or back, and you couldn't go back to a song if you accidentally skipped it)

- Much much much faster navigation (though the click wheel is definitely something to get used to)

- Less buggy when it comes to displaying current song information (the Sansa couldn't handle even moderately long artist/album names all that well)

I didn't mention the rechargeable battery and increased storage capacity because, well, those are givens. The only things I might miss about the Sansa, if I used them at all, would be the FM radio and voice recorder.
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