Maeglin (maeglin73) wrote,

It's starting to look like only the more difficult quotes from last night's quiz remain. I could have made more commonly known choices, but I didn't want any really obvious quotes, and I wanted to avoid movies that I'd already seen in other incarnations of that thing. I'll leave it open for a few more days, but will be posting the list of movies not yet guessed early next week for those of you that remember but can't quite place them :-)


I had purchased a digital photo frame a while ago for use at the office, but at the time when I turned it on it would completely kill whatever radio reception I was getting. Unfortunately, there were very few (if any) other spots I could use for it. Now that I'm not relying on radio reception anymore, it's working just fine with everything else. So far, what's loaded on it consists of a few favorite shots that all work with a horizontal crop, mostly from the GA Aquarium and the trips to Boston and Toronto.
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