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Boy, do I feel stupid...

...though, only for a minute.

As it turns out, I've already received from the GA SoS office what I've been waiting on for the last couple of weeks, I just didn't realize it. When I got the email from them stating that processing of my LLC filing was complete, there was a link to a PDF there that looked at first glance like a letter with the Articles of Organization attached. That letter was the Certificate of Organization, which I thought I was still waiting on. The words were there, but I didn't realize at the time that that was what it was.

The reason for the confusion? The form I filled out and sent to their office implied that a physical certificate would be sent to the filer's address. Because of that, I didn't realize that they would send only an electronic copy if provided with an email address. While I applaud them for being "green" in that respect, I'm thinking that they really need to finish updating the forms to indicate that providing an email address means that you're getting an electronic copy of things and nothing physically mailed to you, and not just email filing status notifications.

Oh well, at least I have now what I need to start applying for code signing certificates. The original plan was to get one for Symbian, and I'll still do that, but I'll probably end up getting one for Windows Smartphone devices as well. Now I just need to get a legible photocopy of my passport together (probably scan and print at home... the copier at work gets too confused by the watermark), along with some letters of authorization. Wording one of those in the context of a one-man organization should be interesting.


One cool thing about this afternoon... when I was walking back from lunch today, I caught a muzak version of a favorite song of mine playing over the atrium speakers. While I don't work in that part of the building, at least I have that song in my iPod.
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