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Finally done... for now

I just had what I hope is my last phone call with Verisign for a while. They confirmed a few more things, then said that they were going to go ahead and process the order. Finally!

There's something interesting, though. It seems that, not only are governments inefficient in this country, but certificate authorities as well?

CA name - TC TrustCenter
Platform - Symbian
HQ - Germany
Time to issue certificate - 1 business day

CA name - VeriSign/GeoTrust
Platform - Windows Mobile
Time to issue certificate - 1 business week

Granted, part of it with VeriSign might be to keep from repeating their fiasco with Microsoft (issuing certs for that company to people that didn't actually work there), but geez. Part of it in my case was also due to the fact that some of the order clerks (including all of them that I dealt with) apparently weren't aware that they were now supporting single-person companies... their enrollment form still suggests that at one time they didn't. If knowledge of the policy change were better communicated, the process would have probably taken half of the time that it did.

Now I'm just waiting on the hardware (USB token) that VeriSign uses to authenticate use of their signing system. Hopefuly they wont be as sluggish getting that out the door as with the rest of the process, and I can start using it next weekend.
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