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Happy early b-day to oni_no_neko!


The current plan for Saturday is to walk into Gwinnett Place Ford that morning, talk with a sales rep, and by the time I leave have an order in for the new vehicle that will hopefully be in time for the first production run. I talked with someone there yesterday to confirm that they were going to start taking orders (the 17th is what I had read elsewhere), as info for the thing isn't on Ford's web site yet (they're slacking off this year, apparently), and set up an appt. to talk with him Sat. morning... in the meantime, he'll be gathering what info he can get.

There was a bit of confusion there as far as what I was going for, though. When I said "2009 Escape Hybrid" during the first call, his brain apparently registered only the first two parts of that. I called again as I forgot to confirm that the X-plan discount (through NCR) could be applied to that car, which he wasn't sure about, and at the same time straightened him out as far as which model to gather information about. What he had heard by that point was that the discount couldn't be applied, however I know it is applicable to the '08 version (meaning that it's not one of several no-hybrids-allowed Ford deals), so he's going to make sure what the deal is before the weekend. I'll be taking what I need to take for that, just in case.

Later in the weekend, I'll be releasing the next CacheMate version for Windows Smartphone. Of course, that depends on how timely Verisign is with shipping the USB token that's needed, but if they are then hopefully it'll be around for me to pick up tomorrow or Saturday.
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