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All done... almost :-)

I picked up the new car yesterday, a rather streamlined process since most of the paperwork was done on Saturday, and so far I'm loving everything about it. The only thing that hasn't been done yet is the stereo upgrade, as they didn't have all of the parts required (audiophile stereo system + HD radio receiver... they have the latter, I think, but they don't want to do things piecemeal), but they'll be taking care of that next Tuesday.

Like sonria, I found the GA way of doing tag transfers a little off (the finance guy agrees with me... he's from Charlotte, though), but thanks to her experience I did think to ask about it. It seems that it's pretty standard practice down here... the dealership handles the new title application (charging the $18 fee for that), then they send the paperwork to you to handle the tag transfer. I did at least get the insurance policy updated.
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