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Accident almost waiting to happen

To car dealerships everywhere:
When you're picking out a vehicle to be a loaner, either avoid those with privacy glass or allow the person requiring the loaner to remove the window sticker. A window sticker smack in the middle of a front side window, on either side, is almost as dangerous as if it were centered on the driver's side of the windshield.

Fortunately, it was on the right side and didn't cover the entire window, so I could still basically see what I needed to see around it for the purposes of my normal commute drive. Also fortunate is that I only have this one for the mid-week 24 hours or so that my car's in the shop getting that stereo upgrade, compared to the 5 days waiting for the car to arrive, and I should be returning it sometime this afternoon.

Apparently, I've got the thing for another day, as they didn't expect to have to replace the wiring harness for the speakers. Doh!
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