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One more day of loaners

The stereo was swapped out yesterday but, when that was done, the connector for the HD radio receiver would no longer fit. The person that installed the latter now has the car, and he's saying it should take him only an hour or so to get it done. Actually, if he knew that that's what he was coming to fix, he would have just done it at the dealership :-)

I'm currently waiting on a call from them. Hopefully I'll be able to head out of here at lunchtime and pick it up, everything finally installed and working. I can then feel like the deal is complete, and (hopefully) not have to go back there concerning that vehicle until the first maintenance visit.

[Update @ 1pm]
All done, and everything works! Finally!!


I'm hoping that the title receipt will arrive sometime this week, as I'm taking half of Monday off and that'll be my best opportunity to transfer the tag. Can sonria, eicnan, jennstar or anyone else who's bought a car in GA lately tell me how long that took for you (the arrival of the receipt, not the transfer process at the tag office)?
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