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Better late than never

To all of the mothers that see this, happy belated mother's day!


Happy birthday to boomtownrat, even if it does fall on a Monday this year :-)


My original plan for today, after counting on getting in late from NC last night, was to take the morning off in case I needed to sleep in for a bit. I did get in kind of late, but apparently not enough to throw off the morning, so here I am. I'm not canceling my time off, though, so I'm out of here at lunchtime :-)

At the moment, I have no reason to expect that the title for the new car is in GA's database yet, as I called in Friday to ask about that and they said they didn't have any record of it. One never knows, though, if they might have entered it into the system that afternoon or they're doing it this morning. Today is still a great chance for me to take care of it (the last one that doesn't potentially impact work hours until the 28th, 5 days after the temp tag expires), so I'll be stopping by the Norcross tag office this afternoon. If they can't do anything yet, and I don't see the title receipt in the mail by Wed. evening, I'll be calling the dealership.

Dealerships have up to 30 days in GA to submit title applications for car sales. Their temporary tags also expire after 30 days, unless the customer goes through the hassle of getting an extension. Craziness...
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