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Things are finally coming together

Having not yet received the title receipt for the Escape, I called the county MVD this morning and had them check their database. The title work has been done! I just need to take everything else that's required to the tag office, which I plan to do tomorrow, and I'll then be able to transfer the tag.

I also finally have the ESN for the satellite radio receiver. The "magic handshake" button sequences that Sirius sent me before weren't working, possibly because the HD radio receiver shares the SAT button (that's my guess), so I emailed them the other day asking if they (or Ford) could look it up based on the VIN. They took that, and replied with the ESN and all of the other information I would need to permanently activate the thing. It's running on a 6 month free trial at the moment, so I have until the latter half of October to make that happen.

The best part of all of this? Getting it all behind me before flying west for Memorial Day weekend, especially since the temporary tag expires on the day that I leave.
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