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All sorts of goodness this week...

- Project Fiver was a SUCCESS!! Pete Jackson's production company has contacted them about putting Melissa in as a hobbit extra sometime in the next year, when they start filming. It'll be a rough road getting to that point, but something like that is definitely worth living for.

- I transferred the tag to the new Escape on Thursday. I still didn't have the title receipt (that arrived yesterday), but thank goodness they have a database they can check these days.

- A new heart rate monitor arrived earlier in the week, something that I purchased to replace the grip sensor on my exercise bike. The latter still works, at least in a sense of the word... who knows how accurate it is, and it gives a different reading depending on how you grip it with no indication of which is the right one. The FS3 is consistent, EKG accurate (at least that's the claim), and I can keep a constant eye on my ticker with it while I'm working out.

- I also received an invitation the other day to help a couple of old friends (in both senses of the phrase) celebrate their 50th Anniversary next month. That's not something you see everyday these days.
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