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Firstly, it looks like someone has a birthday coming up tomorrow. Happy early b-day, meikhla!

Things have been fairly productive these past couple of weeks, both in the day job and side business. At NCR, I've been working on a smart client system for our software platform, and on top of that will go better device support. In the side business, I'm making some serious headway on the new site design... most of the static content is moved over now, and I'm getting started on user registration and management. Once that's done, the rest should go smoothly.

Earlier this week, someone at the office was selling some wood carvings, which I presume he did. I ended up buying one with a Robert Frost quote (from "The Road Not Taken") carved in cedar. It's unfinished, so I need to take care of that at some point, then figure out where to put it at home :-)

What I'm most looking forward to right now is the 9-day "weekend" I have coming in two weeks. I'll be heading to NC for the weekends on either end of that, the first to help a couple of old friends celebrate their 50th anniversary and the other for a family July 4th cookout. Hopefully, while I'm up there, I'll be able to catch up with boomtownrat and bloodkitty for some lunch.

As for this weekend, I may be trying this again. I wasn't able to find the particular sauce that I got from mom in this area, at least at Publix, but I found one that seemed pretty close... we'll see if it works as well.
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