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Anti-spam or anti-email?

I'm not sure exactly when it started, but LJ's recent addition of S25R anti-spam technology to their mail servers seems more trouble than it's worth. The reason for that is the high false positive rate that it starts out with, and the fact that someone has to be watching the mail server log to catch those, something that apparently no one at LJ is doing.

I've been sending email through servers over the last few months, to get around the Charlotte TW Telecom server which has been (irrevocably?) flagged as a spam relay by a few blacklists, something which mail servers aren't supposed to blindly follow but a lot of them do anyway. This has been good enough for most places I send mail to, but apparently not with LJ. It seems that host names starting with "outmail" don't look sufficiently like mail servers to count in S25R's rule book.

Fortunately, I have options. I switched mail to addresses to be sent there directly, but that didn't work as my server's reverse DNS looks even less like a "real" mail server. I then switched to the TW Telecom server, and it started working. Here's hoping that LJ's operations team doesn't get the same bad idea that other mail administrators practice to add to this one.
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