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Happy birthday to jennstar. I hope you're having a good one :-)


I'm in the middle of scripting the forums for the new site, and had quite an experience writing my own BBCode interpreter for it. There are things like that available for use all over the net, but for one thing I wanted to handle hyperlinks a little differently than most, particularly based on where on the site they were displayed (yet again, I'm using forums to power site new displays). Mainly for that reason, I decided to roll my own.

Most things worked well with regular expressions, some needing a little more coercion than others... most things except for [quote][/quote] tags. Those things refused to work in the way that I was handling everything else. Fortunately, there are ways around that... one way in particular that I like to call elegant, but perhaps not to some. Still, it does the job and does it efficiently.


Our neighborhood had a pool party last night... great timing for it, too, as the weather was perfect. I didn't do much swimming at all, myself, but it was fun to hang out with some of the neighbors I knew, and meet a few that I didn't.
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