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A good start

This weekend was a good start to my vacation this summer.

Last night I was in NC, helping a couple of old friends celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. It's not everyday you witness that kind of thing anymore. On my way back today, I had a great time doing lunch and hanging out with boomtownrat and bloodkitty. I'll be heading back up there next weekend for a family July 4th cookout, so I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of my family there as well.

While I was up there, I managed to complete the scripting for the new site, and when I got home this evening I wiped the test database, repopulated parts of it, and backed it up to put on the host server tomorrow. I'm changing host providers for that site at the same time, which should be an adventure. Once the work is done tomorrow, though, I should be able to spend the rest of the week as a proper vacation :-)

As for right now, I'm relaxing and watching Firefly in HD (the Tivo records episodes from Universal HD on occasion as suggestions).
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