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Today, the plan was to get an early start (10am... that's early for vacation days), get the new Smittyware site online, and switch the DNS servers for that domain so that change could start propogating. Little did I know that the new hosting service would throw me a curve ball, in the form of a server IP address that wasn't reachable.

I opened a support ticket, and 4-5 hours later they replied that they had fixed the problem. Apparently, the IP address that was in the system for new hosting accounts (this is a reseller setup) was still the one from before they changed data centers. Hopefully, that was more of a permanent fix and I wont run into the same thing with the next hosting account I set up with them.

A couple of hours after that, I finished setting things up on the new server, started closing things down on the old one, and switched the name servers for the domain over to the new hosting service. In a couple of days, the transition should be complete :-) The next step is then to transfer the domain registration away from the old hosting service, and tell them not to bother renewing hosting in September.

Now to start on that proper vacation...
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