Maeglin (maeglin73) wrote,

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Wrap-up weekend

Yes, I know those terms are usually in the reverse order, but in this case it fits just the way it is.

For one, the new Smittyware site is finally done, at least for now as far as functionality goes. There are still a few cosmetic things that I could stand to do, but it's all there and it's all stable... it's nice to get that behind me.

I also spent a lot of yesterday afternoon processing photos from the family cookout last weekend, burning those onto CDs and getting them ready to ship today. I still haven't finished the shots from the trip to NM, but on the other hand no one is really waiting on those :-) I'm having to do the ones from the cookout sooner rather than later, so that my brother can get his copy while he's still on this side of the planet (he's on break from his job in Korea for a month or so).
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