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Goodbye, NCR

It looks like we're going through yet another buyout. Our group in NCR is being bought out by a company in Tulsa... the deal was signed at the end of last week, and as far as I know it'll be closed at the end of the month. We'll basically be more or less intact, as a subsidiary of the new parent company. We would be our own standalone company with a parent, but at the moment we're missing things like HR and benefits managers that would be needed in that case.

The good news is that we're not being moved to Tulsa... our company is going to be 100% virtual, meaning everyone's telecommuting. That certainly works for me, and is something I've been wanting to get back to ever since I was forced to stop doing it... 6 years ago? Something like that.

The bad news, and hopefully the only bit of it, is that vacation/holiday time is being reduced by around 3 days (current year) and potentially up to 8 days (next year, considering I'd be eligible for another week). That's not including the vacation buy benefit that I'll be missing. I'll be asking about flex scheduling, though, which should allow me to get some days off by making up the hours on other days. Hopefully that'll fly, as it was something I was going to check into doing anyway with NCR.

Now, I just need to find a place in my computer area at home to put the laptop, at least while I'm working, and get my hands on a cable to connect it to the KVM switch. Fortunately, there's 2 open slots on that thing, as well as 3 open ports on the network switch that's sitting at that desk.

It has its faults, and telecommuting will be nice to be doing again, but I'm going to miss this place...
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