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Method and madness

A friend of mine today asked me why I was going to connect my work laptop to the KVM switch in my home office, instead of using it just as a laptop. When I'm working and not at home, sure, that's what I'll be doing. At home, though, my reasons for hooking it up are two-fold:

1) There's no room on my desk for a laptop, after the monitor, phone and other stuff that's on it.

2) 1024x768 (laptop screen) vs. 1440x900 (monitor on the desk) ... that's enough of a reason, right there :-)

The cable that I was needing for the KVM setup arrived today, and with a tiny BIOS tweak the laptop is working just fine with it. Now, I just need to activate the phone line for the guys at work to call... of course, that only takes about 5 minutes on the Vonage web site.

Before I do that, I need to add to my income tax spreadsheet so I can put in the deductions for that and any other telecommuting type of charges. I don't know if the company is going to reimburse for that kind of thing but, as they haven't mentioned it, I'm going to assume on the side of not for the time being and do what anyone with a marginal knowledge of income tax rules would do.
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