Maeglin (maeglin73) wrote,

Last day headaches

The 5k mile maintenance visit for the Escape was this morning. After I got into the office, I discovered that the fucktards in NCR's IT department disabled our accounts this morning instead of letting us complete our last day's worth of work.

Thanks in part to the Windows XP safe mode menu, I was able to get past that once I got home and recover at least what was downloaded to my machine by Outlook through yesterday. I'm importing that into Thunderbird (which will be used for the new job) and, as soon as that's done and I back up my Firefox and Thunderbird profiles (the only things not backed up elsewhere already), I'll be taking the rest of the day off. If they don't want us to do anything productive on our last day, I'm effectively taking what I can of my (otherwise uncompensated) floating holiday time and running.

Tomorrow (first day at new job) will be mainly wiping the laptop and starting to reinstall things. NCR wants that done anyway, but since my machine wasn't given to me by them there's a possibility that I can get out of that on a technicality. Still, I want to get rid of all of the crap they've loaded on it and a simple uninstall isn't possible for most of that.
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