Maeglin (maeglin73) wrote,

This was yet another good weekend. Friday night I went with a couple of friends to see X2... another really good movie to add to my "recently seen" list :-)

Last night I went to a birthday party in Charlotte, and got back together with quite a few friends that I don't get to see that often. One of the girls there was doing henna on various people. Apparently, she's getting into doing it professionally, and is quite good at it. I was debating getting some done while I was there, but couldn't decide on a pattern from what she had, and couldn't think of an exposed spot on my arms to do it on that wouldn't easily get smudged (not good for henna during that first hour) in a party environment. Maybe next time...

Where were you, boomtownrat and bunnyboy? If the weather was prohibitive, I can understand that.

The last thing I managed to get done was to round off the RAID array I put in my home server a couple months ago with a hot spare. With that in place, it'll be sort of an automated band-aid if one of the hard drives failed until I can replace the one that failed. An even better band-aid than letting the array work as it normally would, just in case more than one drive happens to fail before I can replace one of them, which would totally hose things.

I'm waiting now on a little Pentium 200 box to get here, for me to build a new router out of. The goal behind that is to further secure the wireless network, so to access anything you would need a username and password. I couldn't do that with the machine I was using before for a router (couldn't put the required 3rd network card in it).
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