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Woman to virtual ex: 'I won't be ignored!'



Happy early birthday to zebedeegoddess! I would try to make it to town for the celebration, if the timing didn't coincide so well with the con down here :-)


I'm looking at adding another piece of Roku hardware to my entertainment center... their Netflix player. So far, everything I've read about it appears to be good, even a review from a local Comcast customer, and they seem to be throttling everything coming across their network these days. As more Netflix content becomes available for instant viewing, I may even be able to cut back on what I'm paying them, switching from a 3-disc to a 2-disc plan :-)

As for the hardware, according to the reviews so far, Roku seems to have learned lessons from the output dropouts that were plaguing their SoundBridge until recently. Once those were ironed out, I've gotten a lot of use out of that little tube, especially now that I'm working from home.

Now I'm wishing that I had purchased an A/V receiver with more HDMI inputs, but a (truly) programmable remote (maybe one of the older Pronto models) is also on my list of considerations. With that and an HDMI switch, I could make all of the video connections digital and still have things fairly seamless.
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