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Happy birthday to captoblivious, and an early one to photognome!


Interesting project coming up this weekend, in the form of that Pronto remote I mentioned a few days ago. It should be arriving tomorrow, along with the extender for it, and I believe I have everything else that I need to replace all but 2 of my existing remotes with it. Those other 2 will take some time, mainly because I'm still waiting on hardware, but I also have to do some software and protocol design work to get the X10 controls working.

After unpacking things and hooking up the extender, the first step will be to figure out which of the IR codes in the Pronto database work with what I have. Their site says that the codes are all organized by brand and model number, but that's not entirely accurate.

I would have waited on this until closer to the end of the year, but I'm getting tired quickly of wanting to listen to the radio or CD changer and not being able to during work hours half the time because I can't easily mute them when co-workers get call-happy. Not having to have line of sight anymore will certainly help there.
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