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Almost there, but with a few snags

Friday morning, 6 remotes on the coffee table. This afternoon, down to two. It would be one, but I'm still waiting on hardware to add IR capability to the PS3, which should be shipping early this week. The whole process wasn't without snags, but I managed to get past most of them.

- Although they omitted this vital bit of info from their manual, Samsung requires null modem cables to control their products (at least, their TVs) using RS232. This was solved by a quick trip to Radio Shack for an adapter.

- The Pronto serial extender doesn't know how to route packets properly when you manually specify a static IP/gateway, but it works fine when using DHCP. This took a little while to determine the cause, mostly to eliminate every other possible cause... one would expect Philips QA to check for a bug that obvious, but apparently they didn't. I sent them an email about it, and set the extender up with a static IP via DHCP.

- I couldn't find working codes for my receiver's cursor keys, and every attempt to learn them from its remote resulted in something unusable. Fortunately, those buttons aren't used for anything other than configuring the receiver, something that I rarely have to do, so I can always get out its own remote to take care of that.

I'm currently taking care of lighting control using PHP, a program called Heyu (which I already use to work with the X10 hardware), and a simple HTTP client written in ProntoScript (the remote's scripting language). It works for now, but I intend to replace it with something better later on.

The only part of the system that remains untested is PS3 control, because of the aforementioned lack of the needed IR-to-Bluetooth adapter. It should work, though, based on information from the adapter's creator.
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