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A week of upgrades, etc.

After I created this, I started thinking about putting a print of it on a wall here. I decided where I wanted to put it this morning, so I bought a frame and cranked out an 8x10 over lunch. Now I just have to hang it :-)

One of the two "desktop" machines here, the one I use mainly for video editing, was running an aging install of Windows 2000 until a couple of days ago. Now, it's running XP Pro and has roughly 3 times the system hard drive space as before (a separate half-terabyte beast holds captures and DVD/CD masters), eliminating a pitiful 6GB system drive and allowing more room to grow. For one, that allows me to use the latest versions of TiVo Desktop, Kodak EasyShare (for the 8x10 printer), and anything else that running Win2K has held me back on.

The PS3 also got a storage boost this week. What was a 60GB model is now a 250GB model (insert Tim Allen grunt here).

I also have a new keyboard at my desk. Just before I started telecommuting, I upgraded the KVM setup to use USB for the keyboard and mouse (which came in handy for the work laptop and the ShuttleXpress cabling as well), with my old AT-style keyboard going through an adapter to make it work with the new setup. Whenever I'd switch between machines, though, I'd get odd stuff in the keyboard buffer. So far, using a real USB keyboard seems to have fixed that problem.

It may be designed to work with Windows, but the keyboard also works well with my Linux server. The extra keys don't currently do anything, but some experimentation with xbindkeys should help things there...
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