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Video streaming leapfrog, etc.

Months after I buy the Roku Netflix box, TiVo announces that they're going to be able to stream Netflix instant watch titles by the end of the year. The cynic in me, knowing their previous attempts at keeping to a release schedule, says it'll probably be sometime next spring. Still, it's cool.

I'm still planning to keep the Roku box, though, as they are announcing that it will soon not be dependent on Netflix as its sole source of content. The current rumors mention sites like, but I don't think they've officially announced any specifics yet. It'll be interesting to see who they manage to partner with in that regard.


Two thumbs up on the director's cut of Dark City. I know the theatrical version fairly well, so it was easy to see where the changes were made, and IMO they were well done. Seeing the movie in HD was also nice :-)


Once a year, I take a few of my vacation days and actually go somewhere, besides NC which I see a few times a year. Every other year, I try to make New Mexico part of that trip to see the part of my family that lives there, and this year the entirety of the trip was there. At the moment, I'm thinking seriously about making next year's destination Seattle... not only for the sights, but also because of the 5 or so people that I know there, a couple of whom may be reading this :-) Those up there that I have met before, I haven't seen in at least 10 years, so it'll be good to see them again as well as meet those that I haven't yet seen.
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