Maeglin (maeglin73) wrote,

It's not just video that I'm streaming...

Thursday afternoon, I started looking seriously at and Pandora as not only a way to get some customized internet "radio" streaming, but also through that to discover new artists that I might be interested in. Both seem to take different approaches to the same thing, but there were a couple of things about that brought me to their side... the social aspect of it, as well as the fact that it's MUCH easier to get streaming to the Roku SoundBridge (my preferred way to listen to digital music at home) than to do the same with Pandora.

So far, I'm enjoying it. I spent most of Friday letting it monitor my listening to my MP3 collection (also easier to do with, and at the moment I'm listening to some recommendations the site is making. A lot of the artists I already know, but it's playing songs that I didn't previously know from those familiar artists, primarily because they don't get a lot of air time around here... that, or I'm not listening to the right stations :-)

If anyone wants to find me there, the username is the same as it is here.
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