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What a geeky 12 hours...

Yesterday, almost from the time I got home from work until 3am this morning, I was working on rebuilding my home router. The main reason for that was to get my wireless network about as secure as I could get it. Now, to be able to do anything from it, you've got to get within a certain radius of my house, stay there listening for months (probably) to crack the wireless encryption, then once you're past that you've got a VPN firewall to deal with... and that's not all of it. Basically, there's 2 layers of encryption now, as well as a login requirement to get on the network.

Naturally, I didn't open my eyes until about noon today :-)

Another good thing... yesterday, I learned that my geocaching database has been nominated for an award! Too bad I have to wait until the end of July before I'll know if it wins or not...
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