Maeglin (maeglin73) wrote,

It seems that is getting very close to figuring me out. Very few songs have I skipped today while streaming from their servers, and in the case of one of them it was a filler track that barely qualified as a song in my opinion.

The last week has involved a bit of virtual housekeeping for me:

- Creation of a new home page, which reflects and slightly makes up for the fact that I haven't done anything with the old homepage on my server in years.

- Completed migration of photos from my old gallery site to the new one.

- Moved the last of my domains that were handled by other DNS servers, primarily for URL redirection, to my own. Now everything's under one roof, so to speak.

I'm definitely looking forward to a drive north on Saturday. A couple of friends in Charlotte hold a bonfire at their parents' farm in Mt. Holly almost annually, and I've tried to make it every time as it's about the only time that I get to see a certain circle of friends in that area.
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