Maeglin (maeglin73) wrote,

Changing phone service again...

This time, though, it's a little more hands-on. I'm in the middle of planning an Asterisk setup here at home, using Vitelity as my connection to the rest of the speaking world.

Why am I doing this? The experience is one reason, but I'm also doing it to save a little money over what I'm paying Vonage each month. Vitelity's service involves per-minute charges for outgoing calls, and for incoming calls in certain cases, but the cost just to maintain the lines is MUCH less by comparison. I have 2 lines here at home that rarely get any kind of traffic and, combined with lower costs to maintain those and the lines that do get a lot of traffic, things start to balance out in my favor.

I've got a runnable PBX server at this point, as well as an account at Vitelity, and later this week I'll be getting some hardware so that I can get a good start on this project. I can't wait :-)

As for my contact information, it'll stay the same. Once things are set up, I'll be porting my main home phone number to the new service. The virtual number in Charlotte that some of you may have may be changing, though.
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