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Ups and downs of this holiday season

Up - 3 days left of work this year

Up - Plans nearly solidified for the holiday vacation, most of which will be spent in NC

Up - Preparing to save upwards of $700/year by dumping Vonage

Down - More than a week do I have to wait before I can start building a dedicated PBX server for the new phone setup, thanks to a DOA motherboard that I returned.

Down - The building housing my colocated server has been foreclosed, and my server is in danger of being evicted.

Up - There is another colocation service in GSO where I have friends employed

Down - The cost? 4 times as much as I've been paying.

Up - I can get Comcast business class internet at home, the price difference is slightly less than my current coloc payments, and a LOT less than what I would be paying the new provider. With a static IP through that, I could host the server at home.

Down - That server is big... and its fans are loud...

Up - I can build a new (smaller, quieter) server with the money I'll be saving, move everything to it, then wipe and sell the old one. I can handle the fan noise in the short time in between. Good thing I'm single at the moment :-)


Vacation = good
Uncertain circumstances = bad
Solid backup plans = good
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