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It's alive!

Well, no... not literally...

I finally was able to build the dedicated box for the PBX when I got back from NC, and it's now up and running. I've started on some features that I planned to do once it was at this point, and I'll be continuing on that in the coming months.

Already done:

Web-based voicemail: Essential!

Anti-Spam: Telephony spam, that is, which covers not only anonymous call rejection but also killing of auto-dialers that use toll-free numbers as caller ID. If one of those comes up, it plays a telezapper tone, then delays a couple of seconds with a short "please wait" message before ringing the phone. So far, if the phone has rung at all as a result of one of those, it's only rung once :-)

ENUM lookup on outbound calls: Checks for a possible free direct VoIP connection, as opposed to a non-free connection over the phone network.

Next on the list:

White/grey/black listing for the anti-spam logic:
White - bypass anti-spam checks/telezapper (expecting very few of those)
Grey - drop into the called line's voicemail w/o ringing phones
Black - reject call, with the possibility of dropping into a special voicemail box if they want to protest

Caller ID name (CNAM) override list: Per-line and global lists of numbers to specify names for, instead of looking the names up online in a phone company's database

Quick-dial directory: This may be tied to the CNAM override list, or be a completely separate list... I don't know yet. The office phone can download an XML phone directory... I might have this feed that as well.

More reliable fax sending: Internal fax-to-email to mirror the external fax-to-email that I already have... internet VoIP sucks for that kind of thing. If I encounter someone who needs an actual fax and not just an emailed PDF of one, I may have to set up some pay-as-you-go T.38 termination, but I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

Text-to-speech toys: I'll be using Festival (an open source text-to-speech engine) for this. The first one might be the day's weather forecast, but the possibilities are endless.

Any more ideas?

As the testing of the setup is still going very well, I'll start porting the numbers from Vonage probably next week. After that's done, I'll likely be registering them so that others can find them in ENUM lookups as well.


The trip to NC for Christmas was a good one. It was great to see my family and friends there again, as well as seeing my brother (who was home for the occasion) and his girlfriend. Among the friends that I was able to catch up with was an old high school buddy that I haven't seen since those days, over 15 years ago.
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