Maeglin (maeglin73) wrote,

Open letters

Dear Apple,

I'd like to use my iPhone with a network other than AT&T, without it being bricked for doing something perfectly legal (at least in the US) like unlocking it. I'd also like to be able to use an application on it on the day that application is released, and not a month or more later after it's "blessed" for inclusion in your store, only to be disabled later because it competes with something you still have barely in the design phases.

Have an app for that?


Dear Hulu content providers,

I know this is a huge thing to ask of media executives, but... don't be stupid. Yes, that is the only word I can think of for the desire to confine the Hulu video player, which is where ALL of the precious non-skippable ad space is anyway, to the Hulu website instead of allowing it to be embedded in other places such as Boxee and

The guys that actually maintain don't mind. They actually want the extra eyeballs on the content and ads. Why don't you?

As I said... stupid.

(For the record, Hulu was one of the least-used parts of Boxee for me, but only because it never worked properly. I was hoping for those bugs to be fixed, though, not for it to go away completely)
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