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This week...

...has been a busy one, definitely.

For the first half of the week, I was becoming the unwilling host of a collection of ants, that had somehow gotten into my kitchen. Yesterday I called the exterminator, and today someone came out here to put some bait in the kitchen (to get rid of the ones already in here) and spray around where they might be coming in, to "discourage" them. Hopefully soon this problem will be a thing of the past.

This has also been the week of electronics shopping. When I upgraded my laptop to Windows 2000 last week, I wasn't exactly prepared to face difficulties getting all of my stuff working with it that I had before. My portable MP3 player didn't work at all, and a CompactFlash card reader I had gotten a couple of years ago for free didn't work as expected (when I was running Windows 98, I could connect and disconnect the thing at will... not so with 2000). I ordered a Nomad IIc, which should arrive Tuesday, to replace the old player. The latter will probably be showing up on eBay soon, as soon as I can connect it to my work laptop long enough to clear the memory in it.

The flash card reader was another thing. I did some shopping around for one, wanting to get a 1-in-5 model or something like that. I had found the same one at two places...

Site 1 (clear privacy/return policies): $24 + $9 (UPS 2nd day air) = $33
Site 2 (almost hidden or non-existent policies): $38 + $7 (UPS ground) = $45

No contest!

The card reader arrived today, and the thing is tiny (even the driver CD was shrunken to fit). They advertise it as ideal for travel, and it is definitely that.
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