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Toys and other things

Well, it seems like the ants have been evicted now. Thanks to my efforts, combined with those of the exterminator last week, it's been 3 days since I've seen one. That's compared to seeing at least one spotted every day or two. Of course, I'm knocking on wood at this point...

My MP3 player did arrive on Monday, despite some screw-ups with UPS. Here's the way things went...

May 20 - Item starts its journey here from California. No scheduled delivery date on tracking information, which has me worried, but UPS time estimate puts it arriving on the 27th.
May 23 - Tracking information reports "Billing information received". This is usually before the item is actually shipped, which explains the screw-up with the delivery date. Because this part is delayed, delivery date is set for July 2nd.
May 27 - Item arrives as specified by the time estimate.

Now I've got it in hand, with a memory card that brings it up to 192MB, enough for 47 songs at a decent bitrate. I'm playing with my new toy as I type this :-)
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