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The last 7-8 days

I'm not sure what to call last week... the most appropriate word might be... hell? I was called on to make changes to a set of programs that I'd either seen once or twice, or not at all, and... oh yeah... it has to be done by Monday. I barely get everything done in time, and it's all working by the time I go home on Friday. Whew!

This weekend was mostly filled by doing upgrades to one of the computers at my place, since the weather basically sucked, adding a DVD burner (not from the linked site, so don't take it as a store recommendation) and large (80 gig) hard drive. I've already got a video capture device, which I managed to get working on it, so I'm planning on using the machine mainly for video editing now. A few more programs to install, and I'll be ready for some footage :-)

Today and tomorrow are a little different pace at work... there's a user conference going on here with at least 20 clients around, spending most of the time in a set of seminars, talks, etc. I'm one of the people that's down here manning the labs for the show, so it's hard (if not impossible) to get any work done otherwise. I could sit in on some of the talks, but not many of them I'm actually interested in (either have heard the stuff before or just genuinely not interested), so I'm sitting in the lab area pretty much doing nothing. Talk about being bored... too bad I can't just leave.
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