Maeglin (maeglin73) wrote,

What a morning...

I've been dealing with a certain client at work for almost a month now, and it's starting to eat away at my soul. Part of the problem (well, most of it) is the fact that what I'm trying to get working on their system is something that we haven't sold or worked on in about 4 years, and all of the people that worked on it are gone from the company... have been for at least a year. That basically leaves me, armed with my Unix and C++ programming certs and a weak (by comparison) understanding of embedded SQL, to try and make sense of this program, modify it as we need it to be currently, and get it working. The first two parts are basically done... it's the last part that's giving me trouble.

I can't really be blamed for it not working well, though... from the looks of the original programs, they're pretty flaky, and I don't have the time unfortunately to give them a complete overhaul. If I did have the time, I could make them a LOT more robust, but I don't.

Enough of work, and on to play...

The good news about today is that it seems that the video capture device that I ordered is arriving a day early. It's scheduled to arrive on Friday, but it's already in Greensboro... generally, UPS doesn't hold things up by a day when they're that close. If they have it, they'll usually deliver it.

I've got other hardware on the way, basically wrapping up the whole package (USB 2.0 card and internal flash memory reader), and it's schedule to arrive on Tuesday. I can still do video capture with my old USB card, but the video will only get better (25%, according to the thing's description) if I upgrade. The flash reader makes things easier getting photos into it, so I'm not having to take the portable one for my laptop, reach behind the tower, and plug it in... only to unplug it 2 minutes later.
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