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The decade in review

It seems like the travel bug was doing more biting in the last 10 years, but it wasn't until 2000 that I really had the means for a lot of it. My life is certainly all the richer for it, though. Some sad things happened as well, but overall the last 10 years were good for me.

2000 - Spent a summer week in Finland; Lost 2 grandparents, one on each side of the family

2001 - Made the move from renter to homeowner status; Started writing and selling Palm OS software; My half-sister was born; First trip to see NM family after they moved there, and some friends in southern California

2002 - Another trip to NM and SoCal

2003 - The geocaching and video editing bugs started biting me; Ordered a One Ring replica, received 2 swords (oops!)

2004 - Corporate buyout #1; Another trip to the American Southwest (NM/CA); Ordered my first new car ('05 Escape Hybrid), and paid off what it replaced shortly after

2005 - Received the new vehicle, ended up being on the evening news in the process, and broke it in with a road trip to FL

2006 - Corporate buyout #2; Spent St. Paddy's Day in Boston (only place to do it, really) with a couple of good friends, then moved to Georgia

2007 - Flew to Toronto, and covered most of the southernmost part of Ontario by car; Paid off the car and zeroed out my credit card balances

2008 - Corporate buyout #3, which left me working at home full-time; Spent Memorial Day weekend in NM with the family there; Upgraded to the '08 Escape Hybrid, which I'll be keeping for a while; Made my side business an official company

2009 - Memorial Day weekend in Seattle, visiting a number of old friends; Saw my brother tie the knot

2010 will be the year that I eliminate my consumer debt for a second time, a little more permanently this time around, and hopefully spend Memorial Day weekend in NM again with my family. I'm looking forward to all of that :-)
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