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Love/hate thing with UPS

Those guys are usually good at what they do, but occasionally they slip up in a really major way.

I had a shipment that was supposedly sent 2 weeks ago today, and was supposed to be a 2 day shipment. Here it is, two weeks later, and I'm still waiting on it. The shipment is international, I think, so there are customs issues, but two bloody weeks?!? There's been no updates to the tracking information, either, since the shipment date. There's no indication that it's gone anywhere.

I contacted the shipper, according to the hint at instructions on the UPS site, and they said that the package should indeed be here by now. They contacted UPS about it, and it seems that they've lost it... the email trail said something about UPS putting a tracer on the package to see exactly what went wrong, and they're supposed to get back with the shipper and, after that, myself tomorrow to let us know what's up.

If it has been hung up in customs this entire time, there's really no reason for that. What's in the package is harmless... it's not like it can be mistaken for anything resembling a terrorist weapon or anything.

I guess I'll see what tomorrow holds...
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